April 2020 will be One of the game changer Months that will be remembered, the big questions on the edge of our lips will be pending. Each zodiac sign will deal with this in a very unique person level.

The Supper Full Pink Moon In Libra on the 8th of April this is the yin and yang balance inside us and at a collective level. Its time for a level up energy now......even if we are in lock down. Diving deep and being open to what universe have to bring shall be bold and interesting. Heck you may surprise yourself.

We have a lot to cover so lets dig in and again if you want a more personal look at how this may play out for you. Book me here via this link @ Yildiz Readings 5D

Mid Month we shall have the energy of the Venus In Shadow in Gemini gearing up reading to go retrograde. The energy of Gemini links in with the Planet Mercury which is communication moment foreign countries day to day routine.

Mercury will be in the zodiac Of Aries & Aries is also connected to Chiron.

SO WHAT DOES THAT MEAN.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GLAD YOU ASKED.

Communication from the past, skeletons in our closet coming out to play wounds we never knew we hadn't dealt with .......So funny the only image that comes to mind is Thriller by M. Jackson. No not bad just comedy.

The good part is that Gemini energy is light in heart and with the Supper full moon in Libra.... The balance of yin and yang will be both evolutionary and deeply revealing.

Our collective level and whats occurring at a global aspect is another layer to this big puzzle.

April 4th 2020 we have Jupiter 25 Capricorn Conjunct Pluto 24 in Capricorn.

Jupiter is all about growth in the sign of its nature is Sagittarius yes. However its currently in the sign of Capricorn. Great accountability and hard work if we wish to grow we need to take a hard look.Pluto brings about drastic endings rebirth of that of what is old and outdated.

Pluto the energy of upheaval the big reveal of decay outdated ways or simply what has been hidden from us all.

Pluto in nature also linking in with Scorpio in western astrology. Scorpio has great intuitive abilities and at times can be deeply psychic. Its way of uncovering things is like a great detective. Be mindful during this time that what we may be running on, is intuition gut instincts and the need to dig deeper.


It also brings with it teams of uncovering truth or major statements being made. Quite evidence based in theory as both Pluto and Jupiter are in the House of Capricorn.

The aspects of Capricorn are our direct foundations in society or in our own Life. Again we will see with Pluto in Capricorn going retrograde a big turning point, endings revelations and the BIG UNEXPECTED.

On 17th of April we will have Saturn in Aquarius already in retrograde given us teams of what 2021 will bring to the wider group. Areas playing out over the next few months will be your teams in 2021. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION NOW!

Saturn in Aquarius on the 17th will be quincunx the True Node in cancer so this is a make or break point. Whats best for you and whats best for the wider group, things coming to a head where no more ifs and buts shall be had. Clashes in both means having to pick a path the T section in the road. D-DAY

Also due to quality systems and wounds in Aries in chiron and Pluto connections to our systems. We may see people blaming but the need for moving beyond such.Aries in Chiron links in with us our wounds and moving beyond such to deal with the 3D nature of reality.

Where are we standing in our way or in fear will not serve us at this time, some may struggle with such if unaware.

We are given an opportunity on the 22nd of April to look at our power we do have and I strongly suggest using this now. With this energy you have and your intuition to bring about creativity unique ways to build.

April 22nd Pluto in Capricorn quintile ch iron in Arise. This both calls for us TO LEVEL UP MAKE IT OR BREAK IT MODE tap into YOUR NATURAL INSTINCTS creativity.

Balance of our chakra systems during the month assists us with this focus on what you have inside you. Eat well drink fluid write down any ideas. Look at what you are and have for solutions to the big dilemma.


I see a lot of innovation, businesses launched unique ways of trade etc...creativity ventures, problem solving and a coming together. I also see at a collective level science technology team orientation. This may become part of the solution and a need for no i in team energy.

This is from the prospective of the long term goal and with information in hand to address the larger issues both at a personal and collective level.You may see countries bridging assisting communicating and problem solving.

Psychic Update of My Predictions April 2020 and beyond.

Pluto links to plastics recycling

Mars Farming metal

Jupiter growth in science structures industries trends etc..

Mercury technology travel

Uranus the energy may find that new ppl come into power and some at a temporary level may come in to assist. During this transit the reflection of power and what that means may change. Also the burden of such will be reflected on.

I do see kings queens wards of state etc being shifted about during this time and 2021 2022 and 2023

This will be where Pluto shifts signs joining Saturn energy and residency in the zodiac of Aquarius. Oh the age of Aquarius.

We are moving into the age its a process!!!!!


Any time we have a planet in retrograde I call this a life audit, Pluto is no game player. Its the bringer Of endings birth death transformation of our life. This can be connected more of ending chapters, starting new ones. Seeing what is not serving us.

We also may be assessing our power power struggles and how we use such. This can also link in with the hidden and what is about to be exposed to or declared.

Mars moved into Aquarius on March 30th

Saturn as I mentioned is in Retrograde In Aquarius this time will allow us to see some areas of our life that will be on the menu in 2021.The area of Aquarius connects in with the wider group the collective and how all of this and what we are currently fighting for. Eg....the pandemic of corona virus or other. The energy of the zodiac sign Aquarius is unique out there an influences of trends.

Mars in Aquarius give its a need for connections and social energies. It may give you us and urge for freedom in may ways. Freedom of speech, freedom of movement of being ones self of not being a rat in a cage.Fights for social rights, extrovert and even eccentric energy.

Wild progressive sprite and the shift for pioneering. Mars in Aquarius allows it to navigate the matrix in a unique way. Some may feel actions do not make sense however in the border prospective they shall.. Aquarius links in both to Saturn and Uranus ,the 11th house ruling groups organizations friends interactions and social systems.

Awareness of astrology thus the reason I @ yildiz readings 5d covers such. I found energy and transits link into our deep life transformation teams ascension and collective energy.


The new moon In Taurus on the 23rd gives us with the above the courage to address our comfort needs. These again will link in to each zodiac in a different way for all however at a collective level. Assets money employment psychical goods etc..

The New Moon In Taurus alignment to Uranus In Taurus give us the key to what these things are. What we do with that is our own power, should you wish to know your aspects book online @ yildiz readings 5d


Last but not least Pluto in Capricorn turns retrograde on 25th April it will be both intense and heavy in the air the days surrounding it. For the months coming until October 4th is a deep reassign on how we and the collective uses power.

Each sign will find different so again feel free where this fits with you to navigate your path or follow me on YouTube for update.

All retrogrades I look at as an audit of life business love money and the path forward. We are reaching this point especially moving into May ,where the themes of energy will be ramping up for the nodes in cancer and Capricorn to reach their close. With the nodes moving into Gemini and Sagittarius for the next 2.5 yrs.


Be open to looking at where you may be triggered and how you can, help thy self during this testing time. Aspects will be found in your chart and i am happy to find and work with you on this.

This month blasts from the past especially anything major that occurred in 2012 may replay out.We still have Juno in Libra in Retrograde which links in with balance justice marriages contracts partnerships. Its also our intuition and feminine attributes.

We have an opportunity this Supper full moon in Libra to balance our Yin & yang.

So Venus in Gemini in shadow is for closure restarts and balance. Not all that grisliness is gold nor does it mean its over. Its a restart and revisit to balance judge and correct. WILL YOU TAKE THE CHALLENGE.

Yes those nice old skeletons in the closet are about to be like "thriller" By "M. Jackson".

Collective energy may shift and find real solutions to the big problems I also see changes of hand when it comes to government. This may be due to elections burdens or outside assistance and resignations occurring.


If you need a hand due to me being in Perth Western Australia inbox on website although i have a clock to change time zones. I'm happy to assist.



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