#New #Moon In #Pisces 23rd #Feburary 

We have mercury retrograde in Pisces as well as the new moon in Pisces.

The energy of Saturn Pluto Conjunction has kicked off 2020. A deep mind of food for thought in the bigger picture.

What energies we have been working through is the cycle out time. Many of us in career work family inner healing with Aries In Chiron has hit the nail on the head.

Now what is the question all will hold an ongoing theme of evolution and how and what must be transformed .

COLLECTIVE ENERGY of 2020 and February is asking us to look at our beliefs of what power is and where the wound lives. Have we out grown a way of being or a map in life.

Does it need shifting around,are we banging our heads on the wall. All answers lay within our own truth.

2020 and the New Moon In Pisces will show us the bigger picture. Are we feel or know now but just haven't reached the communication or moment state.

This may be due to a fresh start and new information. The best is yet to come as we cy la out of the nodes in cancer and Capricorn into Gemini and Sagittarius.

May 2020 with the shift of nodes we will see new ways we must learn to communicate. The small steps are as important as the big ones.

Focus focus focus will be the big tOne.

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